21 Microsoft Teams Apps for 2021

Published on June 16, 2021

At the time of writing this very blog, there are 921 Microsoft Teams Apps approved by Microsoft and listed on AppSource. Major software companies typically create these to integrate their product or platform with Microsoft Teams – and deliver you a better overall experience with both Teams and their product.


Custom Microsoft Teams Apps

Most prominent technology vendors have developed Microsoft Teams apps, but sometimes you may need a custom solution to fully integrate your Line of Business tools. There are three ways to get custom Microsoft Teams apps:


  • The App Store, where third-party vendors upload their custom applications.
  • Side loading, where users can install Microsoft Teams apps by uploading them to the Teams client. You can also upload custom apps built by your vendor to the Teams admin portal to make them available for users.
  • User-built apps, which can range from a Power Automate flow that sends actionable messages to a channel (Adaptive Cards) or embed a Power App they built as a Tab in a Team.


Our favourite 21 Microsoft Teams Apps for 2021:


1. Microsoft Planner

As more businesses turn to Microsoft Teams for its project management capabilities, Microsoft Planner has emerged as an efficient visual task management app that doubles as a chat tool. It has made it easy for employees to add, edit, and view tasks and get in touch with the right people to discuss projects.


2. Jira

Microsoft Teams now allows you to integrate Jira Cloud and collaborate with employees and clients to streamline software development and other deliverables.

You can also track issues and analyse your team’s progress in the meeting without leaving Microsoft Teams. Get essential custom notifications on projects, groups, and other matters to take the necessary action in real-time.


3. Salesforce

You can connect Microsoft Teams to Salesforce for quick and easy access to essential Salesforce data on the users’ desktops and mobile devices. The integration paves the way for a smoother collaboration between people across organisations or external parties. Moreover, Salesforce serves as a common platform for your business to discuss marketing, sales, and customer service strategies through online real-time communication. You can customise it to suit your business and its specific needs with easy to use features.


4. Translator

The Translator App for Microsoft Teams lets you read and translate messages into the language specified by a user’s language settings. Available in real-time and across channels, the app also supports multiple devices and can be activated with just a button. The translator app now supports 60 languages for on-the-spot translation of messages and personal chats. 


5. Cisco Webex

You can easily link your Microsoft Teams with the Cisco Meetings bot. This integration allows users to schedule meetings, send links, and join conferences with just a single click on a unique URL. The Webex app shows as a tab in Teams and includes meeting reminders and notifications. It also adds meetings automatically to Microsoft Office 365 calendars. 


6. Slack

Slack and Microsoft Teams have been integrated for over a year and their Microsoft Team Calls app can now launch Team Calls directly from the workspace, allowing Teams and Slack users to message each other across both platforms. The integration supports both channels and direct messages (DMs), while external parties can also join in the conversation using guest access. Microsoft has also launched several other integrations for Slack, such as Microsoft Teams apps for connecting Outlook, Calendar, OneDrive, Flow, and Azure, among others. 


7. Polly

Polly is a survey integration app that helps managers create polls and send multiple-choice questionnaires to employees. Integrated with Teams, Polly gathers valuable feedback without interrupting a team’s workflow. The app supports different question types and anonymity levels and allows managers to analyse and visualise trends.


8. ScrumGenius

ScrumGenius runs automated check-ins and standup meetings. Its integration with Microsoft Teams allows users to pull in information from different boards, access multiple reports, and run asynchronous standup meetings directly through chat. For example, the ScrumGenius Teams bot can ask people what they accomplished the previous day, what they plan to do today, and whether there are any blockers – providing a valuable picture of the work everyone is doing. 


9. Zoom

One of the favourite conferencing brands on the market, Zoom offers Microsoft Teams integration by allowing users to start or join video meetings using easy bots commands or a tab. Users can schedule meetings with anyone in their team who also has Zoom. Participants get automatic notifications that show in their Microsoft Exchange Calendar. Teams also supports integrations for Zoom Chat and Zoom Phone.


10. Lucidchart

Lucidcharts are particularly useful for aesthetic-driven teams that work with organisational charts, wireframes, and designs. With this integration, any user in a channel can comment or edit Lucidchart documents without leaving Teams. The app allows teams to work in real-time and from any location using notes, mentions, links, and drag-and-drop visual editing. It is also possible to work using slideshows in presentation mode.


11. Trivia

Trivia is a set of exciting quizzes and remote games that can run in Teams and an ideal activity for short breaks (as they last about 5 minutes each). The app offers word puzzles, “unpopular opinions” polls, instant quizzes from several categories, and custom quizzes created by users. Running Trivia is as simple as typing its name as a Microsoft Teams command. 


12. Hive

Hive is a tool used for managing workflows and improving productivity. The app supports different process tools such as Gantt charts, Kanban boards, calendars, and tables so people can monitor and report on projects in real-time. Hive can integrate with Microsoft Teams and thousands of other apps to adjust workflows, access summaries, and share files and documents instantly. 


13. Wrike

Wrike is an online project management software popular with companies that favour working in agile environments. Microsoft Teams can integrate with Wrike to create and manage tasks, post them into conversations, send notifications, and see schedules on a shared Gannt chart. Wrike and Teams users only require a single sign-on.


14. Bonusly

Bonusly is a reward platform used to provide engaging recognition and rewards to employees. Its integration with Microsoft Teams is simple: users can send rewards, provide feedback, and review their bonuses all within Teams channels. This integration helps Bonusly fit seamlessly with existing workflows and boost team engagement. 


15. Sociabble

Sociabble is a SaaS solution that aggregates content from various channels to help you find and engage potential advocates for your brand. When integrated with Microsoft Teams, Sociabble allows staff members to upload posts to their social media without switching to a different app. Users are also able to earn badges and rewards. 


16. MindMeister

MindMeister is a mind mapping application that allows users to capture and share ideas using a visual platform. The app is excellent for hosting brainstorming sessions and showing connections between concepts and suggestions. Its integration with Teams also allows users to make notes, visualise timelines, and outline strategies without leaving channels.  


17. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is a context-aware app designed to support customer service. Zoho Desk aims to provide clients with more valuable interactions, while managers can access its metrics through Microsoft Teams. The integration also supports contextual intelligence from the CRM, automatic suggestions to frequently asked questions, and easy assignment of tasks to specific agents. All Zoho tickets are available within the Teams workspace, where teammates can assign, edit, and comment on them.


18. Jibble

Jibble is a bot that integrates with Microsoft Teams to help business leaders track employees’ time and attendance. Jibble can be used to analyse workplace productivity, manage timesheets, and track client billing and payroll. The bot, fully integrated into Teams, uses simple commands such as “in”, “out”, or “times” to record and view timesheets. 


19. ApproveSimple

The Microsoft Teams ApproveSimple application can help accelerate corporate decision-making by giving staff members access to approval items in Teams channels. The app consolidates all approvals, invoices, and purchases into one interface – helping to increase the speed of decision-making. The ApproveSimple app can also unblock bottlenecks and improve compliance. 


20. Freehand

Freehand is a Microsoft Teams integration app that is ideal for bringing imagery into conversations. Created by InVision, Freehand can help graphic design companies collaborate on workflows – but it also provides any user with a whiteboard where people can sketch, draw, and edit content simultaneously. These “co-drawing” collaborations can be saved in the cloud and accessed at any time. 


21. Soapbox

Last but not least, Soapbox is an excellent addition for people that want to avoid discussions going on a tangent or awkward silences taking over a meeting. The app can add items to the agenda and check them off as the meeting progresses when integrated with Teams. It also provides catch-up capabilities, alerts and notifications to keep track of the agreed targets, all within the Microsoft Teams experience.



Microsoft Teams apps with experteq

There is more to Microsoft Teams than messaging and video conferencing. Microsoft Teams apps can empower your organisation into the future by further enhancing the value of Teams to end-users. We leverage Teams every day at work and wholly believe in its benefits and capabilities. Please visit our Microsoft Teams solutions page to learn how experteq can help you get the most from Microsoft Teams.


Frank Mulcahy

General Manager – Solutions

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