4 reasons to choose Citrix ADC for every significant enterprise and government department

Published on July 27, 2020

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Citrix ADC (formerly Citrix NetScaler) is an application delivery controller designed to secure apps and data from attack; improve application availability; accelerate app performance; lower computing expenses; and give enterprises greater visibility of application status and performance, whether the application is on-prem or in the cloud.

There are 4 compelling reasons for every significant enterprise and government department to leverage Citrix ADC:

1. Improved application performance

2. Consistency across multi-cloud

3. Secure microservices and monolithic applications

4. More resilient applications

1. Improve application performance

Every enterprise must have a plan for application management and monitoring if they are to succeed in improving app performance. The modern enterprise is managing a plethora of applications on a range of clouds, and under pressure to meet user-experience and application performance demands while keeping security and compliance tight.

Citrix ADC enables enterprises to improve user experience and security from one platform.

IT admins gain complete visibility with Citrix ADC, and they can see what applications users are accessing and how the apps are performing. Citrix ADC bases performance on network latency, back-end servers’ functionality and application response time. The visibility is possible for traditional and cloud-native apps, which assists IT teams in improving application performance.

Citrix ADC generates large amounts of data, including user transactions, events and sessions. The processing of the data provides complete performance visibility, including access patterns and behaviours:

  • Data on user’s experience
  • Back-end server performance
  • Traffic and health of ADCs
  • Application performance during user requests

2. Achieve consistency across multi-cloud

Approximately 80% of Australian enterprises are working with more than one cloud provider. However, many organisations do not take into account application components that could become distributed among different environments. When this occurs, fragmentation and delivery challenges arise for applications, such as securing applications and APIs.

To help achieve operational consistency, an application delivery system with a single code base is required. The code base provides organisations with a holistic view of their multi-cloud environments while maintaining security features and good end-user experiences.

While, in principle, it may sound quick and easy to implement, it is rather challenging for an enterprise to move to multi-cloud deployments. The key reason behind this challenge is the complexity of application deployment on a multi-cloud foundation. Luckily, Citrix ADC has a solution. It assists with a single code base which ensures consistency between operations and features for all monolithic and microservices-based applications. It maximises user flexibility by letting admins decide on the application delivery infrastructure that best suits their individual needs.

It is crucial to ensure, as you adopt your new application architecture, that there is no fragmentation or silos in your multi-cloud environments. These challenges lead to a lack of contextual visibility which is needed to identify problems.

Remember that your applications and APIs are a fundamental aspect of achieving consistency. Citrix ADC and Citrix ADM assist by ensuring consistent security across an array of multi-cloud infrastructures and provides users with a holistic view across all platforms.

3. Secure microservices and monolithic applications

For apps to be agile, it is necessary to gather the code of large apps into microservices that are built explicitly for delivery in the cloud. By doing this, your products and services can go to market quicker. Flexible application delivery platforms allow administrators to deploy and manage microservices well.

Citrix ADC allows users to go cloud-native and lets them do it at their own pace, and one that corresponds with their choice of microservices app delivery architectures.

Cloud-native projects provide users with an array of benefits, such as faster deployments, cloud portability, scalability and availability. Citrix ADC simplifies support of large clusters and microservices by closing the gap between the traditional method of north-south application delivery and the container-based east-west traffic. Sufficient communication like this between apps and the cloud allows for agile application delivery across all types of environments.

Security is a factor to consider when securing microservices and monolithic applications as they are deemed a high target for cyber-attacks and are challenging to protect. Citrix ADC helps with this by applying consistent security policies across all applications to reach a unified approach.

4. Restore applications faster

A fundamental element in business continuity is the importance of responding quickly to poor application performance. Investing in Citrix ADC is crucial as it allows users to restore applications quicker and in turn, avoid disruptions.

Challenges can arise in many forms; employees who are currently working from home may require their familiar tools and programs to work effectively. Infrastructure issues can also be a cause for concern as these need to be remediated quickly. Citrix ADC and Citrix ADM assist in addressing these concerns and restoring normal application performance. They do this through actionable analytics that help you get to the centre of the problem. Application performance trends assist as it lets Citrix ADC help organisations improve customer service. Also, machine learning techniques are incorporated to diagnose issues early and respond to any unforeseen problems quickly and effectively.

Experteq and Citrix ADC

We offer a full suite of support and managed services for Citrix’s ADC offering. We ensure that our customers have maximum availability, rapid performance and optimum security for the technology lifecycle. Our Consulting and Managed Services team have fifteen years of experience implementing, supporting and managing Citrix ADC solutions.

If you would like to know more about our support offering, please visit our Security Services page.

Table of Contents

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