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Experteq customers

Below you will find a series of questions and the corresponding answers regarding the new group brand which came into effect officially on 1st September 2022
Q: What does the new group brand mean for Experteq’s customers?
A: Coming together as one united brand will deliver greater value to our customers.  Experteq brings together the strengths of the brands once known as TAS and Experteq and together we comprise 50 years of technical expertise and deep industry knowledge. We are trusted experts in our respective fields of both managed services (TAS) and professional services (experteq). This means that our customers will be able to access a wider range of services under the one roof should you require them, further optimising and securing your technology journey and digital transformation experience.
Q: What happens to the terms and conditions of customers’ current contracts?
A: Customers can rest assured that our existing contracts will not change from the current terms and conditions. We continue to be your trusted partner on your digital transformation journey, ensuring your business is compliant with evolving regulatory requirements, enabling agility and flexibility in your business operations, and always keeping your data and that of your customers safe and secure.
Q: How would this new group brand affect the customer experience?
A: The new group brand consolidates the strengths of TAS and Experteq into a stronger, united entity: Experteq. This provides us with greater capabilities so we can service our customers even better than before; delivering high quality and exceptional customer service. With this combined expertise, Experteq can now provide you with customised, end-to-end service spanning both managed services and professional services.
Q: Does the new group brand affect the pricing of Experteq services?
A: Existing contracts will not change from the current terms and conditions and the pricing of TAS services will remain unchanged.
Q: What will remain the same and what will change?
A: We will remain an industry leader in the technology space, and continue to be your trusted IT partner on your digital transformation journey. On top of that, leveraging the combined, enhanced capabilities of our united brand will allow us to become a stronger organisation, elevating our service and allowing us to deliver even better outcomes for all.

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