Frequently Asked Questions

Experteq stakeholders (partners/vendors)

Below you will find a series of questions and the corresponding answers regarding the new group brand which came into effect officially on 1st September 2022
Q: What does the new group brand mean for Experteq’s partners?
A: Experteq partners will be provided formal notice that Experteq IT Services Pty Ltd is now trading as ‘experteq’.
Q: Would our partnership with Experteq continue with the new group brand?
A: Yes, all contracted and related arrangements continue without variation. And, as a stronger, better united brand, Experteq will enjoy more business opportunities, especially when it comes to innovative partnerships that will drive growth and positive outcomes for everyone involved. We look forward to greater collaboration with you in the days ahead.
Q: How does this new group brand affect the terms and conditions of our current contracts with Experteq?
A: The integration and subsequent transition to become a single entity, Experteq, requires no amendments to current contracts and arrangements.
Q: What will remain the same and what will change?
A: For all third parties working with Experteq IT Services Pty Ltd, the only change is in the trading name.

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