Frequently Asked Questions

TAS Shareholders

Below you will find a series of questions and the corresponding answers regarding the new group brand which came into effect officially on 1st September 2022
Q: Why did we rebrand as Experteq, rather than keep TAS or choose a new brand name?
A: The world is changing, and we need to embrace change to stay relevant, grow and flourish. With that in mind, ‘experteq’ is a name that is easy to say, distinctive, memorable and stands out from the broader competition. It is already known by many people both within the organisation and outside the company. And the name carries weight and trust, and clearly communicates the idea of deep expertise combined with a passion and enthusiasm for IT – two of our core brand traits. It is a name that future-proofs our company: it can grow with us and our future endeavours while remaining relevant. It is for all of these reasons that we decided to keep Experteq as a brand name but with a twist (small ‘e’ and new logo) to signify a new era for our people, customers and shareholders.
Q: How will this new group brand affect the company in the short term? How about the long-term effects?
A: In the short term, coming together as one brand gives us a single unified view of all opportunities, our combined pipeline, of the customer and our various target sectors. We will be able to leverage existing business opportunities between TAS and Experteq, to fuel the growth of the business. In the long term, the new group brand consolidates the core strengths of both TAS and Experteq to form a strong united brand with end-to-end capabilities and allows us to bring this to a wider market and secure new opportunities that otherwise we wouldn’t normally be able to do.
Q: What impact are we expecting the new group brand to have on shareholder value?
A: The new group brand will bolster shareholder value. Our people will be better aligned under one integrated entity, which will allow us to combine our expertise and better serve our customers as trusted experts in the fields of managed services and professional services – in this way, we become a higher-performing business that can deliver our shareholders even stronger returns.
Q: What are the benefits/risks of this new group brand for shareholders?
A: There are many benefits for shareholders that will arise because of the new brand. The business landscape today is perpetually shifting, leading to new opportunities and risks – and regulatory requirements and guidelines are changing rapidly to keep pace. Businesses need a trusted partner who can ease their digital transformation and help them future-proof their organisation while ensuring continuous compliance with evolving regulatory guidelines. With the strength of our united brand and combined capabilities, we’re now better armed to serve our customers effectively, driving greater customer satisfaction and growth and cultivating deep, trusting partnerships. Being a stronger customer facing brand with greater capability to tap into for new opportunities will further help diversify our revenue, build a stronger pipeline, and essentially deliver more value to our shareholders in return.
Q: What are the integration risks, and how are they being addressed?
A: The integration process has gradually taken place over the last two years and has been comprehensive and thorough. The new brand launch being the concluding phase of integration. Integration risks have been mitigated and managed throughout this process.
Q: What will remain the same and what will change?
A: Going forward, we will keep growing our capabilities and fostering trust as one brand, striving to fulfil our mission: to optimise, manage and secure every organisation’s IT systems so they can achieve their business objectives in an increasingly dynamic global operating environment. We will go to market as a single brand; our service quality will remain the same, however, as one brand, we will be able to deliver additional services under the one roof should customers require them, further optimising and securing the technology journey and digital transformation experience.

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