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Introducing our new group brand

We are better together

A growing company. An evolving future. United as one

One company, one brand

We live in changing times and companies must be able to adapt to the continually shifting landscape. While some things never change – like our commitment to being the trusted partner to our customers, and to fostering and nurturing our people – we also embrace change as a constant.

That’s why we are delighted to unveil our new group brand: Experteq.

We’re Experteq

As one united brand, Experteq brings together the strengths of the brands once known as TAS and Experteq to create a brighter future. Through the power of one, we will benefit from the rich heritage of each brand, forming a solid foundation to build an even stronger, more vibrant and relevant company for today’s changing world. Learn more about us and our vision and mission.

We are a trusted brand

Trust is exceptionally powerful and must be earned over time through actions. We believe our actions are the result of continuing to demonstrate both our expertise and our values. We are trusted in our respective fields of managed services (TAS) and professional services (experteq).

The tick symbol represents the focus on and appreciation we have for the trust we have and will continue to build with our customers.

‘experteq’ is a name that future-proofs our company: it can grow with us and our future endeavours while remaining relevant.

Our rebranding journey

How did the new brand come about?

We listened to the market…

As part of the rebranding journey, we spent some time gathering feedback from our partners, customers and employees. This was accompanied by reflection and analysis, as well as debate and discussion amongst the leadership.

After some workshopping, we were able to determine ‘what to retain’ and ‘what to change’ about our brand.

This in turn helped us put into words the core fundamentals of our new brand, allowing us to define our new brand strategy, brand values and brand traits.

…and reinforced our greatest strengths

Detailing these brand values then led to us solidifying our refreshed vision and purpose, strengthened mission, and more.

Reflection was critical throughout this process, as it allowed us to really delve into what we value most as a business and a brand, and our biggest areas of opportunity and improvement. Furthermore, condensing nebulous concepts into detailed, concrete values and traits – described clearly in words – helped take us through the thinking process of how to turn our vision into reality.

The end results are what you see today.

Your trusted IT partner

We are the customer’s ultimate choice and IT leaders proudly choose to partner with us. Such enduring trust takes years to build and develop – and we will continue to cultivate this trust in the future.

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