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Device as a Service

Discover a seamless and integrated hardware solution that helps you increase productivity while keeping costs predictable and low.

A unified subscription solution for enhanced business operations

Equipping users with the right hardware, devices and software goes a long way in streamlining workflow process and business operations, enabling your business to perform better and reach new heights. With Experteq’s Device as a Service (DaaS), your teams enjoy a pleasant, uniform hardware experience, and more streamlined training, management and support. This way, you can increase productivity and enhance security while eliminating compatibility issues thanks to an integrated and unified system.

Learn more about how you can arm your employees with cutting-edge devices and software when needed, while protecting your data around the clock and simplifying deployment – all at a low cost.

Engaged employees

We build a unified hardware ecosystem for your business, so your employees can collaborate from anywhere using the most updated devices and software.

Predictable costs

With a fixed monthly fee, there will be no hidden or surprise charges, enabling businesses to have better cash flow management and reduce upfront costs.

Smplified IT

One sole provider handles the distribution and setting up of hardware and software, in addition to support services. This makes device management simple.

Efficient resources

With devices and support outsourced, IT staff and support costs are reduced, freeing up resources and time to focus on core business objectives.

Enhanced IT security

Receive leading security solutions with the latest Microsoft security systems so that your business’s sensitive data is protected around the clock.

Faster deployment

Thanks to zero-touch deployment, your devices are preconfigured and can be deployed right out of the box, simplifying the process for your business and employees.


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