6 emerging technologies in Australia that will become the trends of 2022

Published on January 21, 2022

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What do you envision your workforce and workplace will look like in a year?

A thought such as this has become unpredictable. Just before the pandemic, you may have envisioned continuing office life with some technology upgrades. I am sure that one year ago, you did not know what your workforce would look like, but perhaps you had specific technology that you wanted to implement.

Many of the emerging technologies that will shape Australian businesses in 2022 have been on the boil for some time now. If you have not implemented these technologies in your business, you may have heard about them elsewhere.

The changes that leaders have gravitated toward are the solutions that leaders have adopted to optimise and protect their workforce. For example, distributed workforces have increased with the pandemic, and companies have adopted edge computing to meet the needs of remote workforces.

Collaborative technologies for distributed workforces

The distributed workforce is different to remote work in that it refers to a workforce that is not centralised in one geographical location. In comparison, remote work focuses on whether or not an individual works from the office.

Technology advancements in communication and collaboration software and cloud computing have provided greater flexibility over when and where people work.
Distributed workforces will become the norm in 2022 because advancements in collaborative technology have demonstrated that not everyone needs to be working from the same location. Leaders have also realised the benefits of harnessing talent based across the country or the globe. Leaders with distributed workforces have also realised the cost savings associated with paying less on office rent.

Distributed work will change how leaders and their teams approach work. Rather than enforcing physical presence to be ‘at work’, distributed workforces will promote mentally showing up to work and being engaged as the measure for being ‘at work’.

Cyber security mesh will protect modern workplaces

As workplaces become increasingly digitised, the need for robust cyber security measures becomes more important. Cyber security mesh is one of the most effective ways to protect workplaces from attacks.

Cyber security mesh is a network of interconnected devices that work together to protect your network from denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, malware, and data breaches. As many companies no longer operate within the traditional perimeters of work, we need solutions that protect devices and identities.

Since cyber security mesh is cloud-based, you can quickly deploy it to any location. You can leverage it to protect any device, including laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets. It also provides round-the-clock protection for identities and devices associated with your business.

Data Fabric will bring together diverse data sets

Every day, businesses worldwide generate increasing amounts of data, often scattered across data silos, making it difficult for people to glean insights from it. As companies increasingly grapple with the complexities of big data, the need for a single platform to manage all that data has become more apparent.

The term ‘Data Fabric’ defines a system that integrates data from disparate sources and allows for aggregation and analysis in a central location. It combines the processes of data discovery, integration, curation and governance.

Data Fabric delivers a unified platform to manage all of your data, regardless of its location or type. Such capabilities allow you to better leverage your data, which can help you gain a competitive advantage in the long term.

Predictive analytics will support future technology projects

Predictive analytics is the science of extracting information from data to predict future events. It leverages data mining and machine learning (ML) to identify patterns in data and generate predictions.

In 2022, predictive analytics will be a key technology because it will likely support future technology projects, especially in cyber security and the Internet of Things (IoT). Predictive analytics is an invaluable tool because it informs you through decision-making processes like deciding which products you need to enhance.

Predictive analytics also identifies potential problems and risks that may impact your business. For example, it might indicate that a client will sever their relationship with your company, and then you can take steps to reduce their likelihood of leaving.

Edge computing will enhance business operations

Edge computing is a term for data processing at or near the source of data, as opposed to centralised approaches where data is processed in bulk and then retransmitted. It reduces the time and bandwidth needed to send data back and forth between devices.

Edge computing improves business operations by reducing latency, increasing efficiency, and enhancing security. It also reduces costs by eliminating expensive hardware and storage solutions.

By bringing the processing power closer to the data, edge computing enables faster decision-making and improved performance. It reduces the load on centralised data centres, improving overall efficiency. Finally, edge computing ensures data security by keeping sensitive data off the public internet. Edge computing also helps to improve security by keeping sensitive data closer to the source.

Hyper automation will improve business processes

Hyper automation leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to automate business processes to achieve two key objectives: increase efficiency and reduce costs. Machines automate tasks that people have traditionally completed manually. Instead, people can focus on tasks that add value to the business.

Through automation, you can significantly increase efficiency, allowing you to streamline operations and do more with less.

Hyper automation can also help companies reduce costs. Automated processes are more efficient, require less human resources to operate, deliver greater accuracy and are less prone to human error.

With hyper automation, businesses can reduce the time to complete tasks, improve accuracy and efficiency, and create a more streamlined work process.

How Experteq can guide your technology solutions in 2022

Now is the time to think about your technology strategy for delivering a great employee experience and meeting the changes of today’s workforce.

Implementing the right technologies for your business requires careful planning and the right tools. We understand the unique needs of the healthcare, government and financial services industries, and we can advise you on choosing a solution, implementing it for you and providing ongoing support. So, you can focus on what you do best and grow your business.

Learn how you can start your digital transformation with Experteq.

Table of Contents

William Lam
Group Innovation Director
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