Implementing a range of modern business IT solutions to effectively increase productivity and reduce costs for corporations across industries.


Providing businesses of all sizes with access to the right tools and knowledge is critical to achieving key business goals such as increased growth, improved operational efficiency and productivity, as well as reduced operating costs. However, true success rests on selecting the most effective technology solutions and understanding how to implement these well.

While most companies recognise the necessity of finding more efficient ways to operate, the tangible benefits of increased operational efficiency may not be immediately noticeable to employees, especially when the task being optimised is outside their scope of work or understanding. In addition, developing a streamlined solution for operational improvement holistically is a challenge, especially when you have workers performing different functions – for instance, the responsibilities of an office worker differ vastly from an employee on the factory floor.

Despite these challenges and barriers, there are ways to effectively navigate operational transformation and change. Our expert team has the right knowledge and experience to guide your company through any operational transformation. We’ll provide rich insights and proven methods to disseminate key information and data to workers quickly, while helping them stay familiar with enabled technology through the use of predictive data, productivity tools and continuous training.

How Experteq helps Corporates

Discover a partnership that can help you achieve more – for your people, business and customers – today and in the future.

Enhance operational tasks

Boost overall productivity to get the best results

Automate processes

Leverage tech to improve efficiency and reduce error and waste

Access the right tools

Deploy modern business applications to staff everywhere

Deliver the right information

Help workers receive relevant data pertaining to their job function

Improve accessibility

Locate and access key metrics on the go

Encourage user adoption

Continuous training for deeper understanding of new processes

Provide complete management

Robust solutions and constant support for the most dependable service

“With Experteq, the reporting that we can now produce when it comes to our information security is a world away from what we were doing before. That makes it easier for the board to have confidence that we’re doing what we need to do, to protect our members.”

Vivien Allen

CEO, Geelong Bank

“With Experteq, our customers enjoyed a smooth transition as we embraced this exciting new growth stage for Regional Australia Bank. Customer and staff feedback was excellent, and we are now better prepared for the future.”

Brad Hinton

Chief Operations Officer, Regional Australia Bank

“Digital disruption is here to stay. As a bank that prides itself on putting our members first, it was important that we provide them with secure, easy to use, on-the-go services. At the same time, we were incredibly conscious of our infrastructure operating costs which needed to be reduced.”

Scott Wall

Chief Information Officer, BankVic

“It’s not every day you hear of a core banking upgrade being delivered ahead of schedule and within budget. RACQ’s partnership with Experteq was a big part of making this happen.”

Steven Purdy

General Manager, Bank Technology RACQ


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Why partner with Experteq

In market we are known and trusted for…


Over 30 years of rich history and proven success, with a solid foundation backed by well-established organisations. 


We’re highly regarded for the way we secure and protect our clients’ IT systems and infrastructure and for how we help ease their transformation journey to digital success. 


Our customers consider us a ‘safe pair of hands’, because we’re reliable and dependable in the delivery of robust solutions and services.


We’re highly skilled in compliance and enable our customers to meet the ever-changing compliance requirements.


Our team brings the skills, knowledge and systems that distinguishes us from others.


We collaborate closely with our clients and have also achieved prestigious status with our technology partners.

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