Modern Workplace Solutions

Productivity Apps

Boost your workforce’s productivity and efficiency through the right technological tools, to achieve better business outcomes and improved performance across your business.

Today, end users need easy access to tools for communication, collaboration, reporting and business workflows, on every device

Remote and mobile working has changed the way we view and use productivity tools to support business. Phone, conferencing, messaging, collaborating with colleagues, workflows for common business processes (leave management, expense management, etc.) and many other needs can be met via modern productivity tools.


Collaboration with colleagues, both inside and external to the organisation, is a must in the Modern Workplace. Access, governance and controls on who has access to sensitive information before it can be shared between teams, are therefore a top priority.


Reliable communications tools like phone, conferencing and messaging are key to effective and productive collaboration. And, they must be easy to use, reliable and available on every device.

Analytics and Business Intelligence

Efficient user productivity relies on easily accessible, up-to-date information. Modern Analytics and BI reporting tools that integrate well with other applications are a vital part of this.

Process automation

End users can use automated workflows to streamline their daily work processes such as leave requests and expenses management, requiring only minimal input from the end user to deliver the desired outcomes.

Enterprise Project Management Solutions

Time management, project management and other organisational tools can help optimise user productivity. The best solutions are device-agnostic and can be easily adopted by entire teams.

User Productivity Solutions

Boost end-user productivity in your business with one of our customised solutions. We can even integrate this with your current user productivity suite.


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