Cloud & Infrastructure Solutions

Cloud Optimisation and Automation

With Experteq’s team of experts, you can balance the costs and benefits of cloud adoption by optimising your cloud infrastructure.

Enjoy the advantages of cloud without breaking the bank

Cloud optimisation allows businesses flexibility when it comes to delivering IT services to their end users. However, you need to keep a sharp eye on costs related to cloud infrastructure. Many organisations move their on-premise solutions to the cloud in a like-for-like way without optimising, which can end up costing much more than the on-premise option.

Optimisation (I/F, Architecture, SQL, Costing)​

Rearchitect your infrastructure and business systems for the cloud and let us help you minimise the monthly charges from public cloud providers. This can include SQL environments, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and other supporting cloud services

Cloud Automation Framework​

Our speciality lies in building and managing critical business system platforms, using the latest DevOps and automation techniques to ensure high availability, high performance and rapid recovery for your business.


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