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By ensuring constant vigilance and seamless security, our experts can help you protect your business operations and sensitive information from cyber criminals.

Keep your business safe and secure through enhanced cybersecurity

Modern cybersecurity solutions are a necessity in the Modern Workplace, to secure end user access, universal threats, data protection and anomalous activity, with real time reporting. Malicious attackers are continuously developing new techniques to exploit vulnerabilities of people, structure, process and work practices, to gain access to critical and sensitive information.

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Discussion Paper

The Human Element of Cybersecurity

With cybercrime on the rise and new ways of working increasing the attack surface of most businesses, how can Mutual ADIs ramp up cyber security and ensure their organisations are protected and future-ready? We explore this and other themes in our new discussion paper.

ASD Essential 8 (Patching, White listing, Backup, Encryption, Macros, AV, …)​

The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) has released their recommended key areas (Essential 8) that form a base level of security for any organisation. With our extensive experience, TAS can advise you on the best methods to uplift your organisation’s security posture to align with the top level of the ASD Essential 8.

SecOps (Proactive Threat Monitoring / Alerting / Remediation)​

To combat modern cyberthreats, every organisation needs a well-designed security operations strategy that monitors and assesses threats across the attack surface, alerts people who need to be informed and, in many cases, automatically responds to the threat and secures the organisation against attack.

Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM)​

At the core of any cybersecurity protection strategy is a SIEM that captures all security alerts from the environment and can initiate action to quickly address the alert. Through the SIEM, security officers can analyse trends and other activities from many different resources across the organisation and make decisions in real time.

Security Operations​

Our Security Operations team is key in evaluating and combating security threats and attacks. Organisations today are vulnerable to malware, ransomware and other types of cyberattacks on a daily basis. Our team focuses on cybersecurity management and includes analysts who determine the focus of a cyberattack and take steps to address those attacks.

Network Operations Centre (NOC)​

The Network Operations Centre (NOC) is where technology and staff monitor and ensure that an organisation’s critical platforms are performing optimally. The NOC performs many key support tasks that ensure uptime for important business platforms.

Universal Threat Protection (Phishing, Virus, Crypto, …)​

Every organisation in the Modern Workplace must have appropriate protection against common threats and attacks. A number of security suites can guard against many malicious threats like AV, Phishing, Crypto and other common methods. A SOC relies on such solutions to help guard against attacks across device fleets and gateways.

Penetration / Vulnerability testing​

It is prudent to ensure regular Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments by an external party. This will enhance an organisation’s security posture and allow experts to analyse your current security posture, so they can make recommendations to combat new or malicious threats. Such assessments are important to maintain a robust defence against the ever-evolving threats in the Modern Workplace.


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