What to consider when selecting modern workplace tools

Published on October 28, 2021

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We are no longer in a ‘make-do’ situation with modern workplace tools. It is no longer enough for your workforce to run on the tools that were available when the pandemic began. It is time to implement modern workplace solutions that will support your business for many years to come.

Modern workplace tools leveraged will differ between organisations. Video conferencing technology that works for one business may not suit the needs of another. One business may require specific third-party integrations with their Microsoft Teams instance, while another may get by on the core features.

Either way, the modern workplace requires you to think deeply about the specific needs of your business and your people.

Consider the needs of everyone leveraging your modern workplace tools

When selecting modern workplace tools, it is crucial that you choose technology that serves everyone working at all levels of the business. For example, you might begin by selecting reliable, easy-to-use, and secure collaboration tools. The solutions you choose should also prioritise the needs of frontline employees by ensuring smooth internal and external communication.

You should also consider whether modern workplace tools require training for users to leverage them effectively and efficiently. Failing to account for workforce training could lead to productivity losses as people waste time struggling to learn unfamiliar technology.

Modern workplace tools for the management layer

The leadership and management team of the organisation oversees daily work that contributes to the organisation’s mission. They are responsible for managing the workforce and for delivering organisational results. We recommend focusing on task management when dealing with management teams.

You need to consider the modern workplace technology needs of the executive and management layer before selecting your modern workplace tools. For example, the management layer might require high-level productivity and workflow tools to monitor projects as they progress.

Security for your modern workplace tools

You should consider cyber security when selecting modern workplace technology. The modern workplace also introduces new opportunities that are unavailable in traditional workplaces. For example, people now have access to applications and data from any location through a device of their choice. This capability is known as the anytime-anywhere workforce, and it has transformed how work gets done across organisations of all sizes today.

The nature of the modern workplace creates new avenues for malicious actors to access sensitive data. For example, an employee might log onto their work computer and connect with their local cafe’s network. Then, they might go into the office the next day and connect to the enterprise network. If their computer picked up a virus in the cafe, they have just let it into the enterprise.

Modern workplaces must now deal with mobile devices, cloud technologies, IoT devices, etc. You can monitor these tools via policy enforcement. Cyber security offers the right balance of device control, connectivity, and automation for modern workplace technologies needed to protect against advanced threats.

Equip your team with hardware that supports modern workplace tools

It is essential that you take hardware into account when selecting modern workplace tools. Employees will need hardware that they can easily take between the home and the office, with little workflow disruption when they log back in. For example, you might provide users with a single device that supports high-quality video and audio so they can attend video meetings.

An employee’s laptop – or similar device – will be the main weapon in their arsenal for tackling remote work. However, there are other elements regarding hardware that you need to take into consideration:

  • Printers: If printing is essential to your workforce, you may consider solutions that support at-home and in-office printing.
  • Conference rooms: With a distributed workforce, some employees may work from home and others in the office. When these groups get together to collaborate, they need conference rooms properly equipped to support video conferencing.
  • Network connectivity: Ensure your remote team has robust internet access if they are working from home. You might equip mission-critical remote workers with SD-WAN routers to ensure they do not miss a beat.

Ensure IT can support modern workplace tools

The IT function can make or break your modern workplace project. Your IT function must provide the right support to ensure a successful digital transformation.

Video conferencing will become the bridge connecting your in-office and at-home teams. Your IT function will need to provide employees with the technologies and support to ensure a robust video experience every time. Conference rooms should have appropriate hardware and software to host video meetings at any time for any number of people. 

Your IT function will need to accommodate technologies across the in-office and at-home workforces and support evolving business needs. They will ensure applications, networks, and other business-critical systems stay up and running. A managed services provider can help your in-house IT team here.

Find the right modern workplace tools with Experteq

Modern workplace success requires you to leverage the right tools for communication, collaboration, and productivity while minimising costs. Experteq understands the modern workplace, through and through. We firmly believe in its merits, and we can bring these to your organisation as well.

Please take a look at our Application and Data Delivery solution page for more information on how we can serve your modern workplace.

Table of Contents

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