Compliance Index Report 2020 (4th Edition)

Published on May 1, 2020

Security and compliance – always a priority

When this survey was carried out and this report produced, COVID-19 had not yet impacted the business landscape. However, it is evident that security and compliance continue to and will remain mission-critical regardless of other business challenges that may emerge.

In today’s increasingly complex digital era, regulatory bodies are constantly revising and updating rules and regulations to protect users and mitigate new risks. Without a doubt, this has repercussions for businesses across sectors and industries. To survive and thrive in such a fast-changing environment, businesses today need to redefine compliance management and reshape the conversation.

Compliance Index 2020

Where does compliance stand in 2020, and how well do Australia’s business leaders understand it? What is the current state of compliance of service providers, and what tools and training are being used in compliance management?

This index answers these questions and more, and explores how compliance can be more effectively addressed and managed going forward, to better the business and the broader sector in Australia.

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