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Modern Device as a Service (DaaS)

Modern Device as a Service (DaaS) is an end-to-end device subscription solution which bundles device procurement and deployment, hardware and software management, security and analytics for a monthly fee.

The fuss-free IT solution for your business

Integrated and smooth

Delivering a unified solution designed to work consistently across your organisation's devices and software under TAS’s Modern Managed Endpoint Service.

Predictable cost model

Lowering upfront costs while improving your company’s cash flow and capital allocation.

Direct shipment

Improves productivity and reduces downtime with convenient delivery to any location.

Increased security

Enhanced protection with biometric authentication like advanced facial recognition.

Managed endpoint service

Works together with Microsoft Surface hardware and software to leverage the power and scalability of the entire DaaS ecosystem.

Faster deployment​

Pre-configured systems can be deployed and used with minimal setup required.​

Encourages productivity and collaboration

Empowering employees in a modern workplace environment.

Unique Windows Autopilot integration

Eliminates traditional IT setup and simplifies deployment.

Seamless Microsoft experience

One cohesive user experience, enabling easier training, management.

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Modern Device as a Service (DaaS)

Experteq Modern DaaS capabilities

Convenience and reliability

Procurement and Leasing

  • Provision and coordination of competitive sourcing and pricing
  • Any brand of hardware
  • Guidance on best hardware purchasing practices
  • Flexible leasing and finance options

Collection, Wipe, Salvage and Disposal

  • Device collection takes place at the end of the lease term
  • Certified data erasure program (ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO27001 and ISO45001)
  • Eco-friendly asset disposal and recycling

Spares Inventory, Hot Swap and Warranty

  • Allocation, storage, tracking and logistics of spare devices
  • International, battery and extended warranties
  • Refurbished hardware rental


  • Dedicated support and help desk
  • Priority customer services
  • Staff training and assistance


  • Staged delivery to site (just-in-time options available)
  • Advisory on deploying new and recover replaced hardware
  • On-site technicians available for de-installation, data migration
  • Customised, flexible deployment approaches
  • Bulk office relocations

Asset Management

  • Asset management portal – generate reports, download asset listings
  • Asset tagging and loading into portal
  • Imaging and configuration
  • Warehouse receipting and inventory of peripherals and devices

Complete hardware management from start to finish

Sustainable and responsible end-of-life device management

Experteq and its partners ensure that obsolete devices are disposed of or repurposed sustainably through eco-friendly asset recycling and remarketing

Recycled hardware will come with a sustainability certificate to show the embedded carbon saved

Certified under ISO14001 (Environmental Management) and R2 (Sustainable Electronics Reuse and Recycling) standards

All the data you need

The Asset Management Portal provides detailed data and allows complete control over your devices and services.

Portal services include:

Asset and Schedule view and the ability to manage multiple assets

Age profile of assets overview

End-of-term device collection requests

Customisable reporting views

Data download capabilities

Management of customer devices


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