Why monitor company activity in the Microsoft Teams usage report?

Published on March 29, 2022

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Monitor company activity in the Microsoft Teams usage report

Digital communication has become the modus operandi at work. It has replaced the need for an office because we can dial into video calls from anywhere, work on projects via document sharing and get quick answers with instant messaging.

Microsoft Teams has become the single platform for many businesses to operate from, with the features I just mentioned, and more, removing the friction from workplace collaboration.

With so much happening in one platform, do you know if your team are leveraging Microsoft Teams to its full potential? Usage reporting delivers the data you need to answer this question and illuminate the reasons why.

Usage may have started strong when you rolled out Teams, but maybe the numbers have dipped since then. You might have people showing very low activity on the platform, signifying that they may need further training.

What can you gain from the Microsoft Teams usage report?

You successfully onboarded your organisation onto Microsoft Teams a year or two ago, but your people and your company have changed since then.

Managing Microsoft Teams is not a case of ‘set it and forget it’. Long-term success requires ongoing management wherein you ensure people continue following best practices.

 Microsoft Teams and the greater Microsoft 365 suite gives you deep insights into understanding how people leverage the platform. I recommend using the Microsoft Teams report for a few reasons.

One of the main reasons is that you can track active users, guests, channels and messages. It also shows you the types of devices people use to access Microsoft Teams.

With such data at your fingertips, you can substantiate the business case for Microsoft Teams, measure your ROI and track adoption as you onboard users.

From there, you can improve how everyone within your business utilises Microsoft Teams, and if anyone needs further training or a refresher on features that they use very little.

Where to find the Microsoft Teams usage report

Teams Admin Centre

The Teams Admin Centre includes a range of reports, but we recommend the Teams user activity report for user adoption.

The report allows you to see which users are doing precisely what and when. Some of the useful things you may want to measure are:

 Who are my most engaged users?

The Microsoft Teams admin centre allows leaders to view the most engaged users, identifying the most active and productive people on the team.

The Microsoft Teams user activity report lets you see which users have posted the most unique messages, who has organised or participated in most meetings, total audio or video time, and other meaningful activities such as one-on-one calls.

You can leverage this information to identify the most active and productive users. Then, you can encourage other users to be more active on the team.

You will want to keep an eye on consistently active users, as they are more likely to give you useful feedback and provide informal support to others around them.

 How productive are meetings?

Video meeting fatigue has become prevalent among people working in remote and hybrid teams.

Leaders should leverage Microsoft Teams usage analytics to monitor the productivity and engagement of meetings. You can drill down into measures on specific meetings to understand how people run them and whether these meetings need improvement.

For example, you might notice that most users start to disengage after about half an hour through a certain meeting. You might recommend that the default Teams meeting be 25 or 30 minutes, rather than an hour.

Or, if you need a longer meeting, you might suggest that meeting organisers follow best practices such as establishing clear meeting objectives, breaking the content down and encouraging participation from everyone involved.

 Do all my users understand the essential features of Teams?

The user activity report will reveal which users are not using Teams for one-on-one calling or chat or have never scheduled a meeting. You might use that intelligence to invite some users to a training session where they can get a refresher on the features they are not familiar with.

 You can develop more questions and ideas to measure and track in your reporting. Focus on whatever gives you actionable insights and helps drive adoption.

Power BI Pack for Microsoft 365

You need to enable usage collection in the M365 suite to leverage the Power BI pack. Once you have enabled usage collection, you can download the free Power BI Pack for M365. If you do not have a Power BI Pro license, it can work on the free desktop version.

The Power BI Pack will give you an interactive dashboard with an overview of the usage of all M365 products and how people leverage them in each department.

The Power BI Pack is a fast and easy way to track and manage your Microsoft 365 adoption. If you manage people that work in a remote or hybrid setting, Power BI’s integration with Microsoft Teams makes it easy to send reports to the relevant people.

Graph API

Microsoft Graph is an overarching API that allows you to engage all facets of Microsoft 365. You could go as far as understanding which individual user is sending the most Microsoft Teams messages.

Should you require more detail to track adoption and usage or even a visual way of governing the M365 platform, the Graph API will enable you to get incredibly granular reports. 

Experteq supports Microsoft Teams analytics

Modern workplace success requires you to leverage the right tools for communication and collaboration while minimising costs and increasing security. Experteq understand Microsoft Teams at an expert level.

We firmly believe in its merits, and we can bring these to your organisation. Please take a look at our Productivity Apps solution page for more information on how we can serve your modern workplace.

Table of Contents

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