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Security Operations

At Experteq, we safeguard your data and IT infrastructure around the clock, while ensuring your business remains compliant to regulatory requirements.

Keeping your IT infrastructure safe and secure 

IT security is of utmost importance in today’s interconnected world. Developing systems that are not only robust but also secure ensures that your business can operate with the right standards and measures in place. Position your business for future success by deploying some of the best solutions on the market, customised to meet your specific needs, to protect sensitive information and client data as well as your IT infrastructure and systems.

Our team can provide you with modern network security solutions that offer more coverage than ever, protecting your data no matter where you access it from.

Unparalleled security

Leverage the best security practices, which drive the security education of your employees and specific security solutions for corresponding services.

Constant updates

We deliver regular reports and meetings about the most recent security incidents, along with enhanced incident response exercises for increased preparedness.

Risk assessment

We carry out security assessments aligned to frameworks such as SOC2 and Essential 8, which include areas like logical and physical access controls, and risk mitigation.

Detailed training

Management and cybersecurity training will familiarise your employees with the right attitudes and behaviours, and develop your business’s security aptitude.

Secure framework

Our solutions are assessed and independently audited against industry specific frameworks such as PCI DSS, covering network security, system configuration, encryption, malware protection and more.


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