Compliance Index 2017 1st Edition

Published on March 17, 2017

The cost of compliance

Increased cybersecurity and regulatory pressures have led to the rising visibility of compliance and risk issues. But for many businesses, knowing what to do is not enough, especially when they don’t have the means to implement effective compliance management strategies. Common challenges include financial barriers, time constraints and resource shortages.

Having the right competencies and building the right capabilities has become paramount in order to meet changing security and regulatory requirements. Business must therefore find a way to do so internally and provide staff with adequate development opportunities to future-proof compliance practices.

Why technological progress is key

With ongoing tech disruptions worldwide, there are more options available today to manage compliance, such as cloud technology and automation. However, the use of such solutions may introduce even more risks. Learn what businesses will need to do to balance the benefits and downsides of technology in terms of regulatory compliance.

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