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TAS teammates

Below you will find a series of questions and the corresponding answers regarding the new group brand which will come into effect officially on 1st September 2022.

Q: Why did we rebrand as Experteq, rather than keep TAS or go with a new brand name?

A: TAS and Experteq have been valuable and successful brands in their respective industries. Integration represents an opportunity to strengthen and refresh our brand in the market. Therefore, we picked the name Experteq. ‘experteq’ is a name that is easy to say. It is distinctive, memorable and stands out from the broader competition. It is already known by many people both within the organisation and outside the company. The name carries weight and trust, and clearly communicates the idea of deep expertise combined with a passion and enthusiasm for IT – two of our core brand traits. It is a name that future-proofs our company – it can grow with us and our future endeavours while remaining relevant.

Q: What does the new group brand mean for our teammates?

A: While there will be some changes to our messaging and branding, our business still revolves around being the trusted partner that enables every organisation to be modern and secure for the ever-changing future – and we couldn’t do it without you.

Rest assured that we value our people and have your best interests and needs in mind in all that we do. We aim to listen to you, provide our support, and encourage you to grow and develop – so that we can all advance together.

Q: Why are we ‘better together’?

A: As one united brand, Experteq brings together the strengths of the brands once known as TAS and Experteq to create a brighter future. Through the power of one, we will benefit from the rich heritage of each brand, forming a solid foundation on which to build an even stronger, more vibrant and relevant company for today’s changing world.

Q: Will anything change in the way we go to market?

A: Going forward, we will be one single brand. Our people will be better aligned under one integrated entity, which will allow us to combine our expertise and better serve our customers as trusted experts in the fields of managed services and professional services. Over the next few months, we will transition the branding of both TAS and Experteq to one single brand across all platforms, channels and touchpoints with the new brand identity. As of 1 September, there will be one website, new collateral with the Experteq branding, one newsletter, one database etc. We will share a more detailed roll-out plan shortly.

Q: Will the rebrand impact my job in any way?

A: The rebrand is about business growth and sustainability. It will align our people more closely under one integrated entity, allowing us to work towards achieving our combined vision more effectively and to be the trusted partner. If anything, there will be new opportunities created for our teams to grow and develop.

Q: Will there be any other organisational changes other than those already mentioned in the announcement?

A: We will continue to refine the organisational structure to support our clients’ needs and market opportunities. At this stage, we do not foresee any further material changes as a result of the integration beyond those already presented.

Q: What do we say to our partners/customers and stakeholders? How do we explain the new name?

A: Our partners, customers and stakeholders will receive official communications following our internal announcement, but our overarching message to all stakeholders is the same: as one united brand, we bring together the best of TAS and Experteq, fostering greater alignment and enabling us to provide even greater service to our customers. As Experteq, we will continue to grow our capabilities and foster trust, striving to fulfil our mission: to optimise, manage and secure every organisation’s IT systems so they can achieve key business objectives in an increasingly dynamic global operating environment.

Q: What does the new leadership team look like?

A: With the integration, there will inevitably be some changes to the team to ensure the necessary skills, talent and capabilities exist to take our growing business forward in a sustainable way. We will keep you posted as we go. Details TBC.

Q: When will the new brand take effect?

A: We will be gradually transitioning to the new group brand, which will come into effect officially on 1 Sep 2022.

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