Microsoft Intune architecture and its benefits

Published on November 29, 2021

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Mobile device security is not a new concept. Laptops and tablets became the backbone of modern work a long time ago. And have always required robust security measures. As more people and businesses allow for hybrid working models, endpoint security has taken more of the spotlight.

When setting up your modern workplace, you may have come across Microsoft Intune as an endpoint management option. 

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based mobile device management service that manages and secures corporate data on personal devices. It enforces policies and settings that enable people to work securely from anywhere on a company or a personal device. Microsoft Intune is also available as an on-premises and hybrid deployment option for enterprises and small businesses.

Microsoft Intune architecture overview

Microsoft Intune is an endpoint management platform that enables businesses of all sizes to secure and manage end-user devices. It is a cloud-based, mobile device management software you can leverage to manage and build your modern workplace.

It allows your IT function to:

  • Configure end-user devices
  • Protect corporate data
  • Manage and configure apps leveraged within your business

Microsoft Intune’s architecture covers the following areas:

Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Intune architecture

Microsoft Intune resides on Microsoft Azure and enables IT admins to manage access to corporate data via integration with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). Microsoft Intune and Azure AD provide identity management for the Microsoft 365 suite of applications.

The integration between Azure AD and Microsoft Intune allows you to separate organisational and personal data when a user leverages their device for work and personal tasks. You can also establish and implement access controls for specific scenarios to strengthen security. For example, you might ensure that mobile devices comply with organisational standards before they have permission to access apps and data.

Intune architecture for device compliance management

Device compliance management in Microsoft Intune supports both mobile and desktop devices leveraged to access your corporate resources. Intune ensures endpoints maintain compliance with: 

  • Company policies
  • Patching
  • Software updates
  • Encryption

Intune enables IT admins to customise device compliance management, including policies across all mobile devices. It centralises all data for managing multiple devices and reduces overhead costs associated with managing all of these devices.

You can leverage Microsoft Intune with your existing IT infrastructure, simplifying cloud migration by requiring minimal investments in hardware and software.

Threat assessment in Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune monitors suspicious activity from an application or user via the Mobile Threat Defense connector.

It provides real-time alerts for data security issues and insights on vulnerable assets. The connector includes warning systems to ensure data security. One of these includes alerts for third-party applications installed on a device that could compromise corporate data. Threat assessment will scan the network following the change in the configuration of your devices.

Microsoft Intune provides a comprehensive, automated strategy for managing a diverse set of endpoint devices. It integrates with other Microsoft cloud services to offer an agile service that delivers increased productivity and high availability.

How Microsoft Intune benefits the modern workplace

Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Intune benefits

Microsoft Intune integrates with Azure AD for a modern approach to identity management in the modern workplace.

Azure Active Directory verifies users for Microsoft Intune, allowing administrators to control access to business data. It also provides IT admins with insights into their security posture through its risk assessment tool, which shows suspicious logins.

Azure AD supports mobile device management, including:

  • Conditional access controls
  • App management
  • Remote wipe
  • Security alerts

You can set up Azure AD with your on-premises infrastructure and sync the two of them. You can create a single sign-on experience for employees who need access to on-premises and cloud resources.

Benefits of device compliance management

Device compliance management in Microsoft Intune provides company data protection and establishes a security baseline for devices accessing business networks. Maintaining control over endpoints is critical in the modern workplace as it secures all devices connected to the company networks.

Device compliance management in Microsoft Intune enforces policies and settings by assessing device risk and applying appropriate configuration settings. Monitoring provides benefits such as reducing app inventory, improved security through data encryption, and ongoing compliance improvements.

Microsoft Intune also provides other benefits such as:

  • Automated deployment of configurations
  • Simplified installation processes
  • Automated device enrollment

These benefits enable increased productivity for the modern workplace while providing additional protection against threats to company data.

Microsoft Intune threat assessment benefits

Whether you have five or 500 devices, Intune ensures data security for personal and corporate devices accessing your resources. Threat assessment identifies threats and manages them accordingly to ensure threats do not negatively affect your business.

Microsoft Intune protects business assets from security threats by automatically scanning devices and deploying updates to prevent any security breaches.

Threat assessments in Microsoft Intune reduce the risks of mobile devices, including laptops, becoming corrupted by malware or other security threats. Microsoft Intune’s policy engine regularly evaluates devices to determine if they meet security standards or display suspicious behaviour. In this way, it can identify risks early before problems escalate.

Experteq can deploy your Microsoft Intune solution

Modern workplace success requires the right tools for communication, collaboration, and productivity while minimising costs. Experteq understands the modern workplace, through and through. We firmly believe in its merits, and we can bring these to your organisation as well.

Visit our Application and Data Delivery page for more information on how we can serve your modern workplace.

Table of Contents

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