What we learnt from Microsoft’s recent Modern Workplace Transformation event

Published on June 13, 2018

Microsoft’s recent Modern Workplace Transformation event

Satya Nadella aptly stated … “Productivity is the engine of human progress—it is what propels our society forward. The promise of technology is to help us get more done, with less effort.”

Microsoft has led the charge to enable the building of modern and responsive workspaces. I recently had the pleasure of attending and speaking at Microsoft’s: “Team-up to Transform to the modern workplace” Sydney event.

The event was presented by Microsoft, and guests included the likes of Cyril Peupion; one of the world’s leading productivity experts. Cyril delivered fresh ideas about intelligent working and helping employees embrace change and thrive. The event was centred around the themes of Intelligent Communication and Intelligent Security.

Intelligent Communication: New intelligent communications and collaboration solutions to revolutionise the way organisations communicate and collaborate.

Intelligent Security: The results of Microsoft’s Australian CISO survey, and how Microsoft’s Intelligent Security Graph uses data from Microsoft’s unparalleled deployment base to gather threat intelligence and utilise advanced analytics to identify and mitigate cyber threats.

As part of the Intelligent security component of the presentation I shared my learnings, in particular; implementing Microsoft’s EMS suite capabilities, the size of the cybercrime challenge (on target to exceed $2.1 Trillion USD in 2019), how the EU’s GDPR and Australia’s NDB schemes have changed the rules of the game, protecting your data inside and outside your perimeter is now just as important as remediating vulnerabilities and protecting your people from cyber-attack, how you might be more exposed to GDPR and security breach than you know, how you might have more data than you think, and how many of us don’t know where it is.

I leave you with food for thought from the event:

  • Are you assessing your risk? Tools such as Microsoft’s GDPR toolkit, Experteq’s OAIC best practice assessment and the NIST assessment can help you understand your compliance and cyber risk.
  • Are you discovering your data using Microsoft’s M365 cloud and on-premises data discovery solution?
  • Are you winning the cybersecurity “game of percentages”?
  • Have you considered Microsoft M365 to provide broad coverage across your business?
  • Are you taking “reasonable steps” needed?
  • Why is it not essential to have the solution before you start?
  • Why is it critical to get started immediately?

Well done to Microsoft on an event well put together. A great day, the sun was shining, Microsoft put on lunch and we got to talk privacy and security for 3 hours. It just doesn’t get any better!

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