Honing your workplace transformation strategy in 2022 with lessons from 2021

Published on December 14, 2021

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Workplace transformation strategy in 2022

Workplace transformation refers to the process of creating flexible and collaborative workspaces to support various kinds of work, technologies and employees.

Workplaces have undergone significant transformations in the last couple of years, but the journey is far from over. We are entering a future where people will continue working remotely and appreciate the social aspects of working in the office from time to time.

While closing out 2021, we have revisited our popular blogs from the past year that you can leverage again to drive your workplace transformation strategy in 2022.

Is your business ready for a workplace transformation strategy?

A successful transition to a modern workplace requires change on both the technical and cultural fronts. Technology alone cannot make your business modern, and culture alone cannot enable it.

Before you can start making changes, you need to have a clear idea of what you want the modern workplace to look like. What are your goals and objectives? What do you hope to achieve with the transformation?

Once you have a solid plan in place, you need to make sure your workforce is on board. They are the ones who will be implementing the changes, so it is essential to understand their needs and motivations. The best way to do that is by conducting extensive research into their work and personal lives.

If you want your modernisation project to be successful, you need a strong change management framework in place from the start. Change is a human process, and it will not work if people are not on board with the new vision.

The bottom line is that workplace transformation is not easy, but it is worth it. With the right approach, you can create a modern workplace that meets the needs of your employees and your business.

Why your modern workplace must be a hybrid workplace

A hybrid workplace incorporates traditional and modern work, which empowers remote productivity. Your business must allow hybrid work models to have a successful workplace transformation in 2022. While many people still want some degree of in-person collaboration, they also want the choice to work at home.

The pandemic accelerated remote work trends that we had watched steadily rise years before. More people are looking to change careers, move to different locations and favour employers that promote better work-life balance.

While hybrid work does have many advantages, it also presents new challenges, such as making sure everyone feels included and engaged regardless of role or location. As a leader, you need to look at your business through a new lens and create a workplace that promotes office work and remote work equally.

Part of this transformation will ensure you provide the right tools to innovate and collaborate to solve business problems. It will bring people together to enrich culture with novel ideas, unique perspectives, and collaborative viewpoints that help continual learning. You will need to adopt robust collaboration tools, cloud services, and strong cyber security protections.

Windows 11 features for hybrid work

Remote has caused us to juggle apps like we juggled work and home life. We have watched cyber threats become more sophisticated and generated a demand for improved cyber security.

Microsoft designed Windows 11 to help with the challenges of remote work. Some of the key features that will help you and your business as you navigate this new way of working include:

  • Simple IT deployment: Upgrading to Windows 11 requires little involvement from IT as it operates the same way as a feature update for Windows 10.
  • Microsoft Teams integration: Windows 11 is the first OS with complete Microsoft Teams integration, with video meeting controls residing in the taskbar.
  • A zero-trust ready OS: With cyber security a serious concern among hybrid workforces, Windows 11 delivers zero-trust security out-of-the-box.
  • Built-in malware and ransomware protection: Windows 11 requires modern CPUs to protect users from malware and ransomware attacks. Hardware-enforced stack protection also improves security.
  • User interface built for productivity: Windows 11 memorises the order and layout of your windows and tabs when connected to a monitor and snaps them back when you move between the home and office.

Create a secure and productive modern workplace

Modern workplace tools allow people to share ideas and collaborate with colleagues and external business partners. For example, platforms such as Office 365 Groups and SharePoint Online allow people to comment and edit documents in real-time.

Group messaging tools like Microsoft Teams give employees more visibility over communications about specific projects. People can track past discussions if they need an update and configure notifications to ensure they only receive the messages they need.

Your modern workplace not only needs to be connected and automated. It needs to be secure and compliant with relevant legislation and standards in Australia. Protecting data and people’s identities is critical to running an organisation with sensitive data, such as a bank or hospital.

The Microsoft 365 security stack can unify alerts and incidents, threat analytics in one hub for all relevant employees. It creates an integrated report for admins through its functionality which merges existing Microsoft security portals. This allows for a truly modern workplace that complies with PCI-DSS and APRA standards such as CPS234.

Hybrid cloud and your workplace transformation strategy

Hybrid cloud computing is a combination of private and public clouds. It allows you greater flexibility over your computing resources. You can move applications and data between the two clouds as needed, which gives you more control over your IT resources. Additionally, a hybrid cloud provides a foundation for adopting cloud services, meaning you can adopt cloud services without disrupting your existing hybrid work environment.

Experteq Managed Hybrid Azure is the new way to transform your workplace in 2022. The main problem with on-premise investment is that they do not have enough flexibility. It can be difficult to get the right information when you need it, so it’s important to have flexible options.

Running a hybrid also means enabling consistent technology choices and architectures across environments to easily move applications and data where you need to and manage it holistically.

Experteq Managed Hybrid Azure is a great way to combine the benefits of public and private cloud computing. It allows organisations to scale resources as needed and makes it easy to move data and applications between environments.

Build your modern workplace with Experteq

Now is the time to think about your workplace transformation strategy to deliver a great employee experience and meet the changes of today’s workforce.

Implementing a modern workplace requires careful planning and the right tools, but we are confident that you will recognise the merits after implementing a solution for your organisation. Learn how you can build your modern workplace with experteq.

Table of Contents

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