Cybersecurity Awareness Month: How can businesses manage cybersecurity risk and the cloud transition?

Published on October 26, 2022

Over the last several years, many businesses have either fully transitioned to the cloud, or have at least started their cloud transformation journey. Moving to the cloud enables organisations to become more agile, flexible and future-ready, which is critical especially in the current economic climate.

But with cloud also comes vulnerability.

Cybercrime and cybersecurity are key concerns

Cybersecurity is up there with the most reported concerns leaders have when moving to the cloud. According to PwC’s Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2022, cybercrime poses the biggest threat to organisations of all sizes, and we don’t see this changing in the near term.

With several recent high-profile security breaches experienced by Australian organisations over the last few months alone, businesses must prioritise cybersecurity as they prepare for 2023. Particularly with hybrid and remote work likely to remain in some form or another for years to come, employees today – regardless of where they are physically – must have quick and ready access to the information and tools that they need to do their jobs.

But how can leaders keep their organisations’ data and networks safe and secure?

With October being Cybersecurity Awareness Month, now is the ideal time for leaders to review their security processes and systems. What is working, what isn’t working and what is the best way to future-proof your organisation, knowing that it is not a matter of if you will experience a security breach, but when.

So this month at Experteq, we are marking Cybersecurity Awareness Month by elevating the topic of cloud security. We have created a blog series to offer you practical advice and tips to help optimise your cloud networks and systems while safeguarding your data.

As part of this series, we explore one of the world’s most widely used cybersecurity tools, Microsoft Azure cloud platform. According to Statista, 56% of organisations worldwide use Azure for their cloud services.

To help you better understand what the Azure platform does and how it works, Shervin Brijlal, Senior Information Security Consultant at Experteq, tells us about the top things to note about Azure.

However, even with top cybersecurity tools and the tightest protocols, cyberattacks are inevitable. Our Senior Information Security Consultant Hasan Rizvi discusses incident response in the cloud, how your choice of cloud model can impact your organisation’s cybersecurity strategy, and how you should respond to cloud cybersecurity incidents.

We hope our Cybersecurity series helps you with securing your business operations. Uncover more insights here or start a conversation with us to find out how we can help you with your security requirements.

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